Draco's The Ultimate Queen

( Draco's Sikander X Draco's Golden Marguerita at haberl )



Adele pictured at 7 weeks old.





Adele on her first show  circuit wins Best Puppy in Specialty Show

and Best Puppy in Show all Breed at 7 months old

 Mr David Abraham
 Beth Sweigart
Victor Alexander Van Raamsdonk
Peter Green

Adele on her first show in the US . Thanks to the judges for these great wins... Patricia Healy, Karen Deschambault, Betty Mentzer-Cope, and especially to Evalyn Gregory for judging and awarding Adele  Best Puppy , winners bitch (5points) and best of winners at the American Boxer Club regional Specialty show in Vancouver, WA.

December 2014 at the Winter International Circuit
Adele wins Best of Breed from the Puppy class under the judges 
Cesar Gutierrez (Mex) and Jorge Nallem (Uru)

 In the 2015 Boxer Club of Mexico Specialty, Adele was awarded ResWinnersBitch from the Junior class under the World reknowned and respected Boxer Specialist Judge Judy Horton (Aus), creator of the internet encyclopedia of the Boxer, www.WorldWideBoxer.com .

In September 2015 Adele won Best in Show
at the Boxer National Specialty in Mexico
under recognized breeder judge Kimberly Steele-Gamero
Adele won an All Breed Best in Show
At the Club Canofilo del Centro in San Luis Potosi  under judge Michelle Scott(Can)  and Reserve BIS under Breeder Judge Javier Ramirez (Mex)

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